NEWS: Increased Internet Speeds for 2019

  • 10-8-2018

For the last year iLines has been working to improve our network to provide faster and more reliable service.  We are pleased to announce, after months of testing, that on December 1, 2018 these changes will be activated network wide.  Depending on your location these plans might be already active.

For a summary of the changes continue reading below:


Increased Plan Speeds:

In most cases we have doubled the download rate of all our internet packages at no cost increase to our customers.

ResidentialPriceOld Rate DL/ULNew Rate DL/UL


1Mbps/0.3Mbps 2Mbps/1Mbps
Standard $39.95 2Mbps/0.5Mbps 4Mbps/1Mbps
Professional $49.95 3Mbps/0.7Mbps 6Mbps/2Mbps
Home Business $69.95 4Mbps/1Mbps 10Mbps/2Mbps
Commercial PriceOld Rate DL/ULNew Rate DL/UL
Small Business  $79.95 3Mbps/1Mbps 12Mbps/2Mbps
Standard Business $89.95 4Mbps/2Mbps 14Mbps/2Mbps


While these changes do apply network wide there are a minority of our clients who will not be able to take advantage of all our new plans.

  • The iLines equipment at your home has not or cannot be upgraded.
  • You are on a Non-Line-of-Sight service to the tower.
  • Your signal to the tower is below acceptable levels due to tree growth, interference, or other obstructions.

If the above applies to you your service may not see the new speed increases, and you will not be allowed to purchase a service plan above the new Standard Plan ($39.95/mo.) Also some customers may actually see their monthly price lowered.

An example would be if you are currently paying $69.95 a month for our Home Business plan with a download speed of 4Mbps your speed should still stay limited to 4Mbps, but now your monthly price will be lowered to the new Standard plan for $39.95 a month.

If you are a customer whose connection is limited due to weak signals or lack of Line-of-Sight to our towers, please contact us and we can setup a free site survey to see if there is anything that can be done to get you a better connection.


What Happened to ByteSpeed?

“I thought I was getting 10Mbps why am I now only getting 8Mbps?”


Before iLines used a system we called “ByteSpeed” but is more commonly known as Bursting.  What bursting did was allow our customers with excellent signals to, for short intervals (bursts), reach speeds well above their package listed download speeds.  Actual average download rates were well below the advertised Bursting speed.

The intent of this burst was to allow for a burst of data on relatively idle links as soon as they became active.  This would lead to quicker loading of bursty types of traffic like webpages and email.  However, the burst was not as effective on bulk traffic like file downloads, and video streaming (Netflix) where the link remained active for long periods of time.

The decision was then made to do away with the burst and instead raise our base download rates to better reflect the way a majority of our customers are actually using the service.


Better Quality of Service:

In conjunction with the new upgraded speeds, we are also implementing a Smart Queuing of individual customer traffic.  What this means is that not only will your internet speeds be higher, but single applications like Netflix or Windows Updates can no longer monopolize your internet connection and drastically slow down things like web browsing and online gaming.

As you know bandwidth for rural internet is limited and while iLines strives to provide our client’s faster speeds we needed to also be more efficient with how we handle the client’s traffic.  We feel this new system accomplishes this goal and are excited for our clients to use the new system.

If you would like to know a little bit about how it works, follow the link below.

Smart Queuing vs Traditional Queuing

What our Customers say -

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