Guidance when buying a Wireless Router?

When purchasing a wireless router here are some things you should know.

  • Avoid a router that says Cable or DSL Modem on the box as this will NOT work with iLines' service
  • Dual Band (5Ghz) router - This may lead to a high probability that your router will interfere with you iLines service as we use the 5Ghz band to supply wireless service to our customers.  By default most 5ghz routers use an unecessarily wide channel size.  If you purchase a 5Ghz router please reconfigure the 5Ghz setting to use the smallest possible channel size and lowest frequency.  You could alternativealy contact iLines support and we will help you change those settings.
  • Mesh Wifi systems - Systems like Google Wifi use 5Ghz to link each mesh node and most do not allow you to change the channel size or frequency to avoid interfereing with your iLines service.  It is our strong recommendation to avoid all mesh systems as they will lead to problems that iLines cannot control or fix.
  • Avoid any wifi system that does not allow you to configure wifi channels and frequencies.  Some new routers or wifi systems are 'Smart' systems that claim to alter their settings to keep your wifi running well.  However what this means is they do not allow the end user to configure any wireless settings so you will not be able to change things should you need to to avoid interferring with your iLines connection.
  • Anything in the $80-$150 price range unless it has a feature you MUST have.  A basic ~$50.00 router will be more than fast enough for our service speeds.  One exception would be the need for better wifi coverage (antenna strength) where a more expesive router may have stronger signal coverage in your home.

If you are unsure of what router to buy, iLines also offers our own wireles routers for a small one time charge. 

Router Models