Managed Wifi Service Information

iLines now provides a managed wifi service for our customers. After paying the one time setup fee per unit, iLines will provide free configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance and technical support for the life of the iLines provide wireless router.

iLines will not provide support for routers not provided by our technicians.



The iLines provided router is covered by a 1 year warranty through the manufacturer. Warranty claims will be handled by iLines's support team. 


"The manufacturer warrants all equipment for the term of twelve (12) months from the shipping date to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service, except in cases of damage caused by mechanical, electrical, or other accidental or intended damage caused by improper use or due to wind, rain, fire or other acts of nature."


Out of warranty router failures will be replaced at the customer's expense. Customer's may either pay a one-time replacement fee of $10 per router for a new router from iLines, or purchase any router of their choosing from a retail store.