What to avoid when buying a Wireless Router?

When purchasing a wireless router here are some things you should avoid.

  • Router says Cable or DSL Modem on the box as this will NOT work with iLines' service
  • 802.11ac - In most cases this should be avoided as the increased price will not gain you any benefit
  • Dual Band (5Ghz) router - This only leads to a high probability that your router will interfere with you iLines service as we use the 5Ghz band to supply wireless service to our customers.  If you must purchase a 5Ghz router please reconfigure the 5Ghz setting to use the smallest possible channel size and lowest frequency.  You could alternitevley contact iLines support and we will help you change those settings.
  • Anything in the $80-$150 price range unless it has a feature you MUST have.  A basic $50.00 or less router will be more than fast enough for our service speeds.


If you are unsure of what router to buy, iLines also offers our own wireles router for a small one time charge. 

Router Models