Wireless Client List

The below tables and graph show you a list of all the currently connected wireless devices to your router.

The graph shows the signal strength over time for the selected device in the Client List.

Simple Page 2b.png

  • MAC Address - Hardware identifier unique to each device.
  • In ACL - Device is currently in ACL list.
  • Last IP - Current IP address of connected device.
  • Uptime - How long the device has been connected to the wireless.
  • Signal Strength - Numerical and graphical representation of the wireless device's signal.  The closer the number is to Zero the better the signal.  Blue - excellent, Green - good, Orange - fair, Red - poor.


  1. Copy to ACL - Add the selected wireless device to the Block list (ACL).
  2. Remove from ACL - Remove the selected device from the Block List (ACL).